Sunday, February 27, 2011

Autobiography 005: I often wonder what my life would have been if I'd taken the job offer

Here she wonders about life's course had she never moved to San Diego, discusses loneliness in her early 90s -- alleviated partly by volunteering in an elementary school -- then returns to telling about her marriage to Gene and surprises from friend's from Los Angeles.


I often wonder what my life would have been if I'd taken the job offer & stayed with my girl friend's family in Huntington Park. 

     Gene would hitch hike to San Diego to see me & my dad would loan him his car so he could find a job. Gene said when he got a job we were going to get married. Eventually he landed a job as a Stationary Engineer at the Mountain Meadow Dairy in Mission Valley. He was to take care of the machinery for homogenizing milk etc. So in April after my 22nd April 17 birthday, on April 21st we were married.

Side bar notes - April 21st after my 22nd birthday - married for 65 years.

Moved to Salida CO

     Tues 3/19/02 This was a low man on the totem pole day for me. the day was lonely so walked to the the library to find out when they will want to hang my appliqué' quilt. Woman librarian likes to throw her weight around so wasn't very cooperative. Head of library called me later. Current hangings will be up 'til I get back from Kerry's April 11th.


today, Wed, another school day.

     I wish I could get to be part of a group -- so lonely here. Hate to think of dying here -- so what!!


     Well, today was a round-about day. Went to the school but teacher not there as child is ill. So decided to go see Helen and the Largos.  Helen is failing & hearing is bothering her. They are such nice people & I feel they are my friends.

     Then went by Irma Valdez as she is having problems. So passed the time 'till 11:45 then went to church for brown bag lunch. Always fun to be with those people -- all seniors. Stopped by the bank & cashed a check so all set up for trip to Kerry's. So now will get back to us & time when we were first married. We didn't have a big wedding. In fact didn't tell all the friends in Huntington Park but word got out so most all came to San Diego & managed to get into the apartment we had rented & chopped toilet paper everywhere & I mean all over!!!

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