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Autobiography 008: Off to Alaska!

Carola begins the story of when she and her husband and family moved to Alaska in 1945 as World War II was coming to an end. She also tells about how Gene tried to suggest that they stop selling newspapers on the war plant floor to avoid workers wasting time on the way in during the morning, but it turns out that the owner of the L.A. Times was in a partnership with the owners of the plant. Whoops.


    A few lilac ??scrap?? from some overhanging bushes. Lilacs grow everywhere here + smell so good.

    Friday washed umpteen sheets + had a nice??, windy day to dry them outside.

May 18

    Saturday Wayne was playing golf in a tournament so Linda too me to lunch at Bongo Billies but first we did some errands. Fooled around town. Took the Scrabble game + plahyed while we ate lunch. Of course she beat me but there's always another time.

    Sunday, May 19, went to Sunday school instead of early Church then 11:00 o'clock Church. I think that I like early Church best.

    Thur. May 30 - ??Walked to senior center for lunch - terribly hot. Walked but took ride home - ??Eve."" Helen called ??*the larger** they picked me up to go to dinner, early, about 4:30 -- ??too full with that cherry pie - ??sure was good, though.
    ??Ceil?? ??leaving for Calif. tomorrow. AM ??daughter in law died??.


In this book will try to remember ??back?? over the years. Not a day by day diary but places + people Denmark, Alaska, Europe, Zaire, Africa - H + ?? Max visits to?? ??Lushua + trips in Africa.

    When the war ended in 1945 Gene's job at McDonald-Douglas ended and they seemed to know that the the (sic) war was over. Gene's brother Bill lived in Alaska so as the war so as the war plant in ??Long Beach?? told Gene that he could probably work in Anchorage at the Army base. We had a new car as Gene was taking passengers from ??Anneheim?? to Long Beach to work. His job there was plant ??suggestions??. He had to check into ideas for ??trols? etc ??these?? workers turned in. Also he turned in one which was to quit selling ??newspapers?? on the way into the plant. Workers then wasted about 20 minutes reading the paper. But he was ??called in by the boss as ??Chandler?? the owner of L.A. Times was in partnership with the ??war plant?? owners!

    So as Alaska looked good to Gene we ??stored?? everything + loaded the car, kids + ??all?? + took off as the war was still a ??block?? but we couldn't find out whether <end>

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Autobiography 007: So glad I got into this helping kids to read

For her 91st birthday, the grade-schoolers that she was helping learn to read had a chocolate cake and sang her "Happy Birthday", and she reflects gratefully for getting involved with teaching them.


    Had my 91st ??bday?? Wed., April 17. The 3rd graders that I help + Mary ??Redfern?? White, the teacher. (sic) chocolate cake was the big attention ??but?? they sang "happy birthday" to me. So glad I got into this helping kids to read.

    Linda picked me up + we went to ??Spaghetti Warehouse?? for lunch with lots of Lindas friends + some from church.

    A special day for me!

    24th April went to golf club for lunch -- my ??treat? for Linda's birthday + Wayne's, too. Then went to ??quilting?? shop - I bought Linda a quilt guide book for her birthday.

    Came home + went through my ??scraps?? for her to use in a quilt.

    Sunday - 28th Quite a day! Up at 6:30 to make it to 8:30 church after Sunday school went with ??Margaret?? + the ??"group"?? to Patio Pancake?? for lunch. ??Am?? dropped me off at home at 1:30 but will pick me up at 2:30 to go to ??Alpine orchestra concert at 3:00. Enjoyed the musical evening. 18-yr-old pianist, ?????? who was very good.


    ??Begged it on kids class-too-read??
Monday -- a lost day -- Iwas so tired from Sunday so I did nothing.

    Tues - 30th Walked early so hope I'm back on track.

    Wed. walked to class 11:00 to 12:00. After walked to P.P. + mailed letters to ??Scholbers + Bruggers?? -- ????? then to ???? Took "ride" home - ??? dirver ???? check for more ride tickets. Not avasilable 'till May 25th.

May - 14 - 15 left AM 16th
    ??????? - Warren + Lois ?? + Conie. So good to have some copmany. Connie bought Lois a painting for birthday present - the one of Ghost ??Anth??? then for herself the one New Mexico from ??Ferrington?? when we ??traipsed through the reservation + ??bed?? woman was tending sheep.

    After the folks left, I walked down to the library to get something to read. On the way home ????

Autobiography 006: On Gene's day off we found that there was a place where we could climb over the fence into famous San Diego Zoo.

Carola and Gene discover a "free" entrance to the San Diego Zoo for pleasant walking; and she recounts details of Sheila and Paul's wedding from 2002 in San Francisco.


I don't remember how long we stayed there but found a little house which was just a short walk for Gene to work. We got acquainted with a single mom + her young son so made arrangements for them to eat dinner with us for a fee -- how much, I don't remember.
Soon found out that doing laundry by hand was too hard so splurged + sent ??large ?? to the laundry.

    On Gene's day off we found that there was a place where we could climb over the fence into famous San Diego Zoo. So no fee + lovely, interesting place to walk.

    Once in a while we would go to a movie 10??c?? per person -- not a downtown theater but a change from the zoo.

    Later my folks moved out to Mission Beach to a lovely, ??large?? house + as I was now pregnant + not feeling hot they invited us to move in with them. We could hear the waves on the beach.


Easter 2002

    Friday Linda, Wayne + I went to ??Parker?? for Easter week ??and?? -- now lots of the ??easter?? and family -- met Sammy's boyfriend. After Church Sunday had a picnic then left for Salida about 1:30, a nice week-end.

    Today (Wed) getting ready to go to Kerry's at Oakland for Shelia's wedding so I'm ??flying?? again - April 4th.

    Will fly from Denver on the 4th + stay till the 11th. The wedding is the 6th.

    Flying from Denver means the shuttle from Colorado Springs Airport ??but?? worked out ok this time.

    The wedding was lovely in an interesting church with lots of arches. Color scheme was platinum. Sheila's gown was off white. The receeption was in San Francisco + ????? was -- ?????? very nice.

    While Gene + Peggy were there we ate at Fisherman's Wharf -- good fish dinner.

    Matt will be going back to Princeton Theological school + Gene + Peggy ??came?? ??Tues??

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Autobiography 005: I often wonder what my life would have been if I'd taken the job offer

Here she wonders about life's course had she never moved to San Diego, discusses loneliness in her early 90s -- alleviated partly by volunteering in an elementary school -- then returns to telling about her marriage to Gene and surprises from friend's from Los Angeles.


I often wonder what my life would have been if I'd taken the job offer & stayed with my girl friend's family in Huntington Park. 

     Gene would hitch hike to San Diego to see me & my dad would loan him his car so he could find a job. Gene said when he got a job we were going to get married. Eventually he landed a job as a Stationary Engineer at the Mountain Meadow Dairy in Mission Valley. He was to take care of the machinery for homogenizing milk etc. So in April after my 22nd April 17 birthday, on April 21st we were married.

Side bar notes - April 21st after my 22nd birthday - married for 65 years.

Moved to Salida CO

     Tues 3/19/02 This was a low man on the totem pole day for me. the day was lonely so walked to the the library to find out when they will want to hang my appliquĂ©' quilt. Woman librarian likes to throw her weight around so wasn't very cooperative. Head of library called me later. Current hangings will be up 'til I get back from Kerry's April 11th.


today, Wed, another school day.

     I wish I could get to be part of a group -- so lonely here. Hate to think of dying here -- so what!!


     Well, today was a round-about day. Went to the school but teacher not there as child is ill. So decided to go see Helen and the Largos.  Helen is failing & hearing is bothering her. They are such nice people & I feel they are my friends.

     Then went by Irma Valdez as she is having problems. So passed the time 'till 11:45 then went to church for brown bag lunch. Always fun to be with those people -- all seniors. Stopped by the bank & cashed a check so all set up for trip to Kerry's. So now will get back to us & time when we were first married. We didn't have a big wedding. In fact didn't tell all the friends in Huntington Park but word got out so most all came to San Diego & managed to get into the apartment we had rented & chopped toilet paper everywhere & I mean all over!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Autobiography 004: But I was such a wimp and afraid to try to go it alone

Carola describes "going steady" with Gene during the depression, then about her first few jobs working as a commercial artist in Los Angeles. She calls herself a "wimp" for not staying in Los Angeles to work full-time as an artist when given the chance by her manager after father gets transferred to San Diego.



time in my life "going steady" was the big thing. Gene was 3 years older than me. It was during the depression + jobs were scarce but Gene got part time work at the local sporting goods store. His parents were separated & his mother moved to Banning where she had a job taking care of an older couple. So for a while he stayed at a local boarding house but jobs wouldn't support that so he batched in the back of a warehouse & lived on french fried potatoes cooked on a hot plate.

     So we went steady for about 4 or 5 years.

     After graduation from high school in Huntington Park, a number of us girls went to work at the L.A. Times calling as "Miss Maxwell" wanting to tell them about the Times want ad section. We had a certain little speal to give. My escape came from that when my dad met at his job with an oil co. the artist who did the advertising and car designs for street cars and buses. Miss 


Annette Honeywell was a commercial artist. Dad asked her if she would take me on as a protegé. She was a bit reluctant as she said she had tried that before & and the student soon thought she knew more than the teacher. But dad finally talked her into giving me a try at $40.00 per month. I went by street car to LA 5 days a week with Miss Honeywell. I learned a lot about doing water colors as that was her specialty when doing ads for Diamond Walnuts, calco avocadoes,etc.

     Eventually times got hard for my dad. I worked at Bullochs in LA for a week doing fashion drawings when one of the artists was on vacation. Then the basement store manager hired me when his artist was on vacation. At this time my father was transferred to San Diego. The basement store advertising manager said he would hire me for a steady job if I would stay in the LA area. But I was such a wimp & afraid to try to go it alone so I went with the folks to San Diego.

Autobiography 003: But his best friend wrote me a letter saying that this fellow was pretty wild.

Here Carola tells about her surprise in having to move from Washington to California, and how it crushed her aspirations of performing on stage. She then discusses meeting her future husband of 65 years, my great-grandfather Elmo Eugene, and how he made a fast move on her in a parked car and her rapid response.


     For three years at North Central High School I played violin in the orchestra which was a fun time as the music teacher was a very special teacher & every year put on an operetta. Oh how I wished I could be there on the stage instead of in the orchestra part. So ----- I screwed up my courage & tried out for the chorus -- and made it! But soon all my ego was crushed as dad announced that we were moving to California. My dad's sister who lived in so. California kept asking him why he stayed in Spokane shoveling snow; why didn't he come to sunny California. So there went my chance of a bit of life "on stage". Little did I know what life had in store for me.

     We settled in Huntington Park, California, a nice little suburb of L.A. I soon made some friends. One in particular asked me to go with her to the Christian Endeavor a young people's meeting on Sunday evening. My dad later called it C E O -- see each other. As it worked out that evening that I went to C.E. with my new girl friend a tall blond fellow was leading the meeting. I could just see his mind working -- Oh! New girl in town!

     So we started dating now & then. This Gene Gough was such fun to be with. But his best friend wrote me a letter saying that this fellow was pretty wild. Well, I guess he & his buddy were liable to take off most any time & hitch hike to Canada or stow away on a boat headed for Alaska. Incidentally they were discovered & put off on the first port in Canada.

     On one date when we went to the local movie theater, on the way taking me home this "wild" fellow stopped & parked & kissed me. Well! This nice girl thought she had better deal with this guy so said "Well, I knew where we were I'd walk home." So Gene started the car, pulled up one block & stopped in front of my home. What could I do but laugh! At that

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Autobiography 002: Being the eldest I got all the child raising techniques tried out on me

On these pages Carola begins telling more of her life story in detail. She recalls her father being "so fussy" and recalls a time where she took a boat ride with a boy from school and her anxiousness about how her dad would react to a late night past her curfew!


January 18
Today went to senior center for lunch -- Met Sheriff and his successor. Lunch was good -- also speaker -- Walked to town & back.

Feb 10. Sunday always a long day. Didn't go to church as still tired from flu. Tomorrow will get back on track -- Help at school, etc. Hope to get started writing something of my life & adventures. Plan to write each day --


Really starting today.

When I was a child growing up and having a safe childhood was not beset by all the drugs, peer pressure as it is today. When we lived in the Audubon Park area we (several girls in the neighborhood) would go down the hill from our house & play in the forest. We'd rake up leaves & pine needles to make rooms & play house. The only fear I ever remember was when


some gypsies were camped nearby & so lots of scary stories went around.

     Vivienne Bottan was my special chum. Once in a while I was allowed to sleep over at her house but my dad so fussy. Being the eldest I got all the child raising techniques tried out on me -- like having to be home by 10:00 o'clock when I was in high school + dated once in a while.

     I remember once going on a class trip with a boy to a moonlight boat ride on Coeur d'Alene lake not far from Spokane. It was the end of school semester & this boy's father was going to pick him up at 2:00 AM to take him to a lumbering project where his son would work for the summer. So this boy sat around when we got back from the boat ride until 2:00 AM when his dad would come by. I could hear my dad walking back and forth up stairs & expected him to come angrily down the stairs most any minute!
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