Saturday, February 26, 2011

Autobiography 002: Being the eldest I got all the child raising techniques tried out on me

On these pages Carola begins telling more of her life story in detail. She recalls her father being "so fussy" and recalls a time where she took a boat ride with a boy from school and her anxiousness about how her dad would react to a late night past her curfew!


January 18
Today went to senior center for lunch -- Met Sheriff and his successor. Lunch was good -- also speaker -- Walked to town & back.

Feb 10. Sunday always a long day. Didn't go to church as still tired from flu. Tomorrow will get back on track -- Help at school, etc. Hope to get started writing something of my life & adventures. Plan to write each day --


Really starting today.

When I was a child growing up and having a safe childhood was not beset by all the drugs, peer pressure as it is today. When we lived in the Audubon Park area we (several girls in the neighborhood) would go down the hill from our house & play in the forest. We'd rake up leaves & pine needles to make rooms & play house. The only fear I ever remember was when


some gypsies were camped nearby & so lots of scary stories went around.

     Vivienne Bottan was my special chum. Once in a while I was allowed to sleep over at her house but my dad so fussy. Being the eldest I got all the child raising techniques tried out on me -- like having to be home by 10:00 o'clock when I was in high school + dated once in a while.

     I remember once going on a class trip with a boy to a moonlight boat ride on Coeur d'Alene lake not far from Spokane. It was the end of school semester & this boy's father was going to pick him up at 2:00 AM to take him to a lumbering project where his son would work for the summer. So this boy sat around when we got back from the boat ride until 2:00 AM when his dad would come by. I could hear my dad walking back and forth up stairs & expected him to come angrily down the stairs most any minute!
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