Saturday, February 26, 2011

Autobiography 001: Today I shall at least start this account of my life

Below is a transcription of the first two pages from Carola's autobiographical journal, where she sought to tell her life story. I've also linked the scanned image. Originally I had marked certain areas with words I am not sure of like "??guy??". Other places I had written "????" where I could not read the word. Peggy understood them, however, and correct them all! Thanks, Peggy!

If you see this elsewhere and can make out the words, please submit a comment in the comments.

Also, please submit comments that link to information or good pictures of things that she is talking about, especially if they are authentic to the place or period. For example, if we have photographs, either on or elsewhere, please provide a link to it and information. I'll be monitoring each post as both a transcription and research-receptacle.


Me, a missionary?? Wow!!

     Today I shall at least start this account of my life. Mostly it will be about my life with that so called guy his good friend, Art Cassady, called kind of wild! But to go back a bit, I was born in Wenatchee, Washington but grew up mostly in Spokane. However, my sister Donna, four years younger was born at Diamond Lake. I remember some of that time -- like when my dad found me coasting "belly buster" on my little sled down across the lake where workmen were cutting blocks of ice to store in the ice house. I think he made me some little skis as I remember seeing how he was turning the toes up.

End of June

    Linda & Wayne returned today from a ski trip to Snow Mass by Aspen to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

    Today went with Sanday Hennessy to check on helping with reading at the elementary school.

    Now should get back on track with my story.

    I should have entered the fact that I had a sister, Donna, very petite & loved doing ballet. She would go dancing around on her toes so daintily & I felt like the big, clumsy oaf, but I did learn the Highland Fling from the grandma who lived next door & was from Scotland. Several girls & her grand-daughter would get together & try to learn the steps. That was fun!!

     In summer sometimes we girls camped outside in our back yard. I invented so-called bunks by fastening old heavy draperies between saw horses -- (drawing). All went well until I thought a bug had gotten in my ear! That problem solved I'm sure we spent the whole night out there.

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