Sunday, February 26, 2012

Autobiography 007: So glad I got into this helping kids to read

For her 91st birthday, the grade-schoolers that she was helping learn to read had a chocolate cake and sang her "Happy Birthday", and she reflects gratefully for getting involved with teaching them.


    Had my 91st ??bday?? Wed., April 17. The 3rd graders that I help + Mary ??Redfern?? White, the teacher. (sic) chocolate cake was the big attention ??but?? they sang "happy birthday" to me. So glad I got into this helping kids to read.

    Linda picked me up + we went to ??Spaghetti Warehouse?? for lunch with lots of Lindas friends + some from church.

    A special day for me!

    24th April went to golf club for lunch -- my ??treat? for Linda's birthday + Wayne's, too. Then went to ??quilting?? shop - I bought Linda a quilt guide book for her birthday.

    Came home + went through my ??scraps?? for her to use in a quilt.

    Sunday - 28th Quite a day! Up at 6:30 to make it to 8:30 church after Sunday school went with ??Margaret?? + the ??"group"?? to Patio Pancake?? for lunch. ??Am?? dropped me off at home at 1:30 but will pick me up at 2:30 to go to ??Alpine orchestra concert at 3:00. Enjoyed the musical evening. 18-yr-old pianist, ?????? who was very good.


    ??Begged it on kids class-too-read??
Monday -- a lost day -- Iwas so tired from Sunday so I did nothing.

    Tues - 30th Walked early so hope I'm back on track.

    Wed. walked to class 11:00 to 12:00. After walked to P.P. + mailed letters to ??Scholbers + Bruggers?? -- ????? then to ???? Took "ride" home - ??? dirver ???? check for more ride tickets. Not avasilable 'till May 25th.

May - 14 - 15 left AM 16th
    ??????? - Warren + Lois ?? + Conie. So good to have some copmany. Connie bought Lois a painting for birthday present - the one of Ghost ??Anth??? then for herself the one New Mexico from ??Ferrington?? when we ??traipsed through the reservation + ??bed?? woman was tending sheep.

    After the folks left, I walked down to the library to get something to read. On the way home ????

Autobiography 006: On Gene's day off we found that there was a place where we could climb over the fence into famous San Diego Zoo.

Carola and Gene discover a "free" entrance to the San Diego Zoo for pleasant walking; and she recounts details of Sheila and Paul's wedding from 2002 in San Francisco.


I don't remember how long we stayed there but found a little house which was just a short walk for Gene to work. We got acquainted with a single mom + her young son so made arrangements for them to eat dinner with us for a fee -- how much, I don't remember.
Soon found out that doing laundry by hand was too hard so splurged + sent ??large ?? to the laundry.

    On Gene's day off we found that there was a place where we could climb over the fence into famous San Diego Zoo. So no fee + lovely, interesting place to walk.

    Once in a while we would go to a movie 10??c?? per person -- not a downtown theater but a change from the zoo.

    Later my folks moved out to Mission Beach to a lovely, ??large?? house + as I was now pregnant + not feeling hot they invited us to move in with them. We could hear the waves on the beach.


Easter 2002

    Friday Linda, Wayne + I went to ??Parker?? for Easter week ??and?? -- now lots of the ??easter?? and family -- met Sammy's boyfriend. After Church Sunday had a picnic then left for Salida about 1:30, a nice week-end.

    Today (Wed) getting ready to go to Kerry's at Oakland for Shelia's wedding so I'm ??flying?? again - April 4th.

    Will fly from Denver on the 4th + stay till the 11th. The wedding is the 6th.

    Flying from Denver means the shuttle from Colorado Springs Airport ??but?? worked out ok this time.

    The wedding was lovely in an interesting church with lots of arches. Color scheme was platinum. Sheila's gown was off white. The receeption was in San Francisco + ????? was -- ?????? very nice.

    While Gene + Peggy were there we ate at Fisherman's Wharf -- good fish dinner.

    Matt will be going back to Princeton Theological school + Gene + Peggy ??came?? ??Tues??