Sunday, February 26, 2012

Autobiography 007: So glad I got into this helping kids to read

For her 91st birthday, the grade-schoolers that she was helping learn to read had a chocolate cake and sang her "Happy Birthday", and she reflects gratefully for getting involved with teaching them.


    Had my 91st ??bday?? Wed., April 17. The 3rd graders that I help + Mary ??Redfern?? White, the teacher. (sic) chocolate cake was the big attention ??but?? they sang "happy birthday" to me. So glad I got into this helping kids to read.

    Linda picked me up + we went to ??Spaghetti Warehouse?? for lunch with lots of Lindas friends + some from church.

    A special day for me!

    24th April went to golf club for lunch -- my ??treat? for Linda's birthday + Wayne's, too. Then went to ??quilting?? shop - I bought Linda a quilt guide book for her birthday.

    Came home + went through my ??scraps?? for her to use in a quilt.

    Sunday - 28th Quite a day! Up at 6:30 to make it to 8:30 church after Sunday school went with ??Margaret?? + the ??"group"?? to Patio Pancake?? for lunch. ??Am?? dropped me off at home at 1:30 but will pick me up at 2:30 to go to ??Alpine orchestra concert at 3:00. Enjoyed the musical evening. 18-yr-old pianist, ?????? who was very good.


    ??Begged it on kids class-too-read??
Monday -- a lost day -- Iwas so tired from Sunday so I did nothing.

    Tues - 30th Walked early so hope I'm back on track.

    Wed. walked to class 11:00 to 12:00. After walked to P.P. + mailed letters to ??Scholbers + Bruggers?? -- ????? then to ???? Took "ride" home - ??? dirver ???? check for more ride tickets. Not avasilable 'till May 25th.

May - 14 - 15 left AM 16th
    ??????? - Warren + Lois ?? + Conie. So good to have some copmany. Connie bought Lois a painting for birthday present - the one of Ghost ??Anth??? then for herself the one New Mexico from ??Ferrington?? when we ??traipsed through the reservation + ??bed?? woman was tending sheep.

    After the folks left, I walked down to the library to get something to read. On the way home ????

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